I am addicted to ROR😋

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a framework written in Ruby language for creating web and desktop applications. Most would say that “Ruby is Dead” , No absolutely no. Rails is not dead and even shows no signs of dying.

Rails still dominates a large chunk of backend market and still runs massive multi-million user-based apps. Github runs on Ruby, Shopify runs on Ruby… and the list goes on.

Gems… 💎

Ruby on Rails is a strong tool because of its open source culture. Ruby on Rails developers can adjust and install the exact functionality required for a project by implementing helpful open sourcing Gems — without spending time designing it from scratch.

webpacker is a gem which wraps webpack — the popular JavaScript tool used for managing and bundling JavaScript code — and provides helpers to use the webpack in our Rails applications. In simple words it provides Rails way of using webpack.

The Devise Gem is users for User Authentication, It creates sign-up and sign-in forms, it also can be used to create user accounts for privacy. It almost done everything for you.

Annotate is a lifesaver for new developers or anyone working on a massive application with a complex data structure. This Gem adds schema and route information to Rails classes.

There are more ….

Express yourself

As you can see from the illustration above, it is very close to English. To parse and understand this form of code, it has an internal DSL — Domain-Specific Language. Keep rails development aside still you can understand the above code. It shows how cool is ruby 😎.


Rails makes it incredibly simple to write tests. It all begins with writing skeleton test code while you construct your models and controllers.

You will ensure that your code adheres to the desired functionality even after significant code refactoring by running your Rails tests.

Rails tests can also simulate browser requests, allowing you to test the response of your application without having to use your browser.

Community and Learning

Ruby on Rails community is widespread across the globe. A huge developer community means new users can quickly find solutions to any bug or coding problem they may be facing.

The RoR technology is so widely supported that an inside joke among RoR developers goes like “There is a gem for that.”


It’s still functional! Both Rails and Ruby are still going high and will be for the far future.

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